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Minnesota Twisters focuses on a diversity of aerial interests. We service athletes from beginners to elite, male and female, from age 5 to 90.


Our Precision Aerial Training (P.A.T.) addresses the specifics of spatial awareness and correct biomechanics in movement to make "it" happen.

Crossover Skills

Coach Henderson's approach uses time-tested principals and fundamentals of movement, building the right foundation for any new sport.


Train with the best. Director and owner Coach Pat Henderson was named Master of Sport in 2009. She has also been inducted in USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame for Lifetime Achievements. Learn more about Coach Henderson here.

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Minnesota Twisters focuses on a diversity of aerial interests, from beginners through elite, male and female, ages 5 to 90. We are here to meet your needs.

Pat Henderson, Owner and Director, was named Master of Sport and in 2009 was inducted by USA Gymnastics into the Hall of Fame for Lifetime Achievement. Coach Henderson, an Olympic judge and coach of an Olympic team member uses time tested principles of biomechanics in teaching and coaching fundamental movement. She believes that “basics” are the key to success at all  levels of athletics. Coach Henderson’s world class athletes have been competing and performing in the International and Olympic arenas or decades which gives testament to these principles.

Our new P.A.T (Precision Aerial Training) addresses the specific needs of spatial awareness and correct biomechanics of movement to make ‘”it” happen. Many of our athletes cross over to, or come from, “extreme sports”, such as snow, wake, or skate boarding, snow or water skiing, ice or roller skating. Diving is not new to this crossover, as it, as with the other sports is enhanced in artistic, acrobatic and rhythmic qualities through flipping and twisting. These skills, stunts, and tricks have lead our athletes to careers in Cirque Du Soleil and the like.

We “Jump” to the needs of Beginners through Elite!  

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